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Abortion or Murder?

By Jessica M.
Washington, Age 13

Abortion or Murder?
Would you kill someone who you felt was unwanted or a burden to your life? In the United States 1.37 million unwanted children were murdered in 2008. For stupid decision a women will make that she will regret. There are many women who will try to have a baby but never will be able to, and these women kill the miracle of life they are given.
If all the residents from San Antonio, Texas were murdered that would be the amount of babies aborted in the United States in 2008. Imagine a city gone just like that? Abortion or murder many ask that question. But many donít care. Worldwide there are 42 million abortions per year . Even per day the rates abortions still stack up to the thousands: 115,000 murders, taking a voiceless life away with no say in this decision. No chance to live.
52 percent or women who have abortions on the United States are younger than 25. They have no experience of responsibility 64 percent arenít even married. Which means the father could leave if he wanted. 32 percent of abortions are done by women 20 -24 years of age, teens 20 percent and under 15 yearís old 1.2 percent. Pace is also a big factor 60 percent of abortions are done by white women, black women are three times likely and Hispanics 2 times likely. This means abortions are done by various races. Where abortions occur is also important. The mother might not have a good hospital or living condition proper for herself as well as her baby. 3 percent of abortions are done in developing countries. 17 percent occur in already in developed countries.
One help center known through the United States is the American Adoption Agency. The give you advise when you face an unwanted pregnancy. Also on the website you can find many couples who are willing to adopt your child. There could be a couple in your area. Thereís many information available.
Why women do this is a big factor of abortion. But either way 1 percent of all abortions done in the United States occurred because of rape. 6 percent occur because of a potential health problem. 93 percent occur because of a social conflict. Unwanted or inconvenient just tossed out like garbage.
The process of abortion may vary; one of the ways the mother can have her abortion is by combing two drugs Methotrexate and Misoprostol. These drugs were in fact made for cancer and ulcer. First they poison the baby then the other is used to empty the baby. But by using these two medicines for abortion it can result in death to mother and child.
Would you kill your baby? Many people say no but many donít keep their word. But still there are over a million pregnancies that donít go to full term and millions of babies who are murdered because they are a burden to them. Stop killing the future of the world.

By: Jessica