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Fab Five Group at School Allows Five

By Julia N.
Canada, Age 10

The Fab five is a group of five budding geniuses in the regular classroom of Division three, Castle Park Elementary School. These fabulous grade fives do projects beyond their level while inside their classroom the other students work on regular class room work. These Fab Five people are the five I have interviewed them and this is what they have to say:
Megan loves to do experiments and projects with her fellow fab five. She likes to work in the special education room accompanied by a laptop. Plus, she thinks everyone in the fab five should have their own laptops to take wherever they’re working. “I like working with the Fab Five because we get to go the extra mile”, says Megan. She thinks Hana will join later on in the school year because she will want to.
Jamie thinks that the Fab Five group is really awesome! “We are each special in our own way and together we are the Fab Five”, She says. Jamie enjoys going beyond class work. She likes to work on her projects in the library and thinks all the Fab Five should get their own personal laptops to bring anywhere in the school. She doesn’t seem to think Hana will join because she will not want to.
Sierra enjoys being challenged, and thinks the Fab Five should be challenged in all subjects except math. “I like the fact that we get challenged, for we deserve to be challenged” She says. Sierra likes to work on projects either at her house or her dad’s shop. Sierra predicts Hana will join because she is very smart.
Kaitlyn loves being in the Fab Five. I feel great about the Fab Five” She says. Kaitlyn likes to work in the library because it is quieter and has library. Kaitlyn thinks Hana will join because she is as smart as the rest of them.
Julia enjoys doing these projects and other stuff outside of classroom work. She likes to work on her projects at her desk at her house. Julia thinks that the Fab Five should be able to take the laptops anywhere in the school that they’re working. “I think we Fab Five are responsible enough to bring the laptops to wherever we’re working” Says Julia. She thinks that Hana will join because she deserves to be challenged also.
So maybe Hana will join. Maybe the Fab Five will get other awesome special privileges. But this is up to their teacher, who is in charge of the Fab Five. But congrats to these five people for having a teacher who recognizes their talents. Who recognizes the need for gifted students to go beyond their level. “You are the best teacher ever, !!” Says Megan .