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School Starts Enterprise Business

By Kristy M.
Missouri, Age 15

Students in Mrs. L’s, Mrs. E’s, and Miss G’s third hour classes met on October 30th to vote on a name for our new school enterprise program. The students voted on the name Kelly Creative Creations. This was the kick off to the school business that will help the student’s transition into the “real world” by making merchandise to sell. Kelly Creative Creations will be operated internally by all students contributing to all aspects of the business (with the supervision of their teachers), including: buying the supplies, making and selling the products, advertisements, inventory, and recording transactions, and balancing items being sold.

The students will begin selling the gift jars just in time for the holiday season. We will be offering Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies, and Spiral Soup mixes. Kristy, a student in the Kelly Creative Creations program commented, “These gift jars will make the perfect gift and it is so cheap! Where can you find a gift for $6.00?” The profits made will enable the students the opportunity to buy supplies for the products that will be sold in the spring.