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The Big Game

By Joshua L.
Virginia, Age 14

The Big Game

It’s the World Series seventh game, the magnificent New York Yankees lead a 3-3 game series. Now with the Phillies up to bat, here comes Ryan Howard coming to the plate. Pitcher Josh Daniels is ready to pitch his third world series with the Yankees. Here comes the pitch.


What a fastball that was. The count is 0-2. Here comes the next pitch.

“Strike three, you’re out.”

Crafty curve ball at 69 mph.

Top of the seventh inning and Chase Utley is up to bat for the Phillies .The count is 1-1Daniels winds up Strike two. Inside pitch good change up by Daniels. The pitcher finds his place back on the mound to get ready for the next pitch which we hope will be a strike out. He winds up for the pitch

BOOM! Everyone heard from the catcher’s glove.

“STRIKE THREE you’re out.! called the umpire with his loud voice.

Daniels sits back on the bench and thinks back to his first major league game. He was so nervous and when he threw his first pitch he thought it was easy. It was like he took all the nervousness and threw it out of his heart. Then he got something to drink and after four batters had gone up to the plate it was time to get back on the best place he ever thought of the pitcher’s mound. After warming up the catcher comes to the mound.

Hey you alright?”

Daniels replies and says” Yea? top of the eighth inning right?”

“Yea” said the catcher “Lets shut them down for the fans.”

Daniels gives him a smile and the catcher knew what that meant.

Here comes the batter thinks he can get a hit but you never know what a pitcher has up their sleeve. The pitcher winds in over and says you alright what hurts. Daniels says I’m fine just getting back to the plate and let me do what I have to do.

The coach comes out to the mound and says “You ok?”

“I’m fine said Daniels.

“You looked like you winced or you shrugged your shoulder like you were in pain. “

Daniels says “I’m fine. Just go back to the dugout and let me pitch the game”.

So the coach went back to the dugout and let his pitcher finish the inning with two strike outs. Bottom of the eighth inning. Phillies have demolished the first two batters.

Here comes the third batter Royce Clayton to the plate. Strike on Clayton, strike two, Wow. Inside curve ball,

“Strike three you’re out.” It’s time for the final inning of the game let’s see if Josh Daniels can send these guys home.

Warming up Daniels realizes that his arm is starting to wear out of steam. And he needs to figure out does he stay in the big leagues or does he want to retire. But now it’s his time to get the final game over with and make his team proud. So here comes the batter Jimmy Rollins, he’s 1 for 3 this far in the game. Here comes the pitch.”

Boom! “Strike one.”

Good fastball inside by Daniels. Here comes the second pitch.

Clang. Foul ball.

Wow, what a relief the pitcher must have thought that was a double.

The count 0-2 Daniels winds up
BANG! “Strike three.”

“You’re out!” yelled out the umpire. That had to hurt his arm from pitching all day long and including nine innings straight. Here comes David Bell to the plate with a grin on his face. Daniels throws.

“Strike one!” Bell didn’t like that one at all. He must have thought it was an outside pitch. Here it comes.

“Strike two!” Bell swung but missed it. Daniels looks at the score board glimpsing like he’s puzzled with the score.

Here comes the third pitch.


What a magnificent fastball. Ah oh here comes his biggest threat, Chase Utley to the plate. The pitcher walks off the mound for a minute to look around the field and then finds his place on the mound. He’s ready to pitch here it comes.

“Strike One.”

Excellent fastball. Now the count is 0-1 here comes his second pitch Strike two inside corner. Now here comes the final moment, the final pitch. Daniels looks a little bit nervous like he did when he first appeared in his first major league game. Now he gets off the mound.

“Lord I know I haven’t been much of a good person but if you could just make this pain in my arm go away it would be very helpful”.

He winds up to pitch. BOOM.

“Strike Two!” shouted out the umpire!

He closes his eyes then opens them and looks at the batter and finds his place back on the mound. Here it comes the final pitch.

BANG! “STRIKE THREE, you’re out.”

He did it; he finally did it! He won the world series. The whole team, everyone is piling on him. Suddenly two of his teammates pick him up on their shoulders. One of them is his best friend and then Daniels raises his arms high in the air. And then he thinks to himself and says

“I did it”.