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By Ryan K.
Arizona, Age 11

There were 33 miners that were stuck under ground for two months.they were stuck because the mine collapsed. This happened in chile. they were in the dark for 69 days. It was a very small space about the size of a one room apartment. it was around 90 degrees all the time. The fist couple of weeks were the worst for the miners.they had to survive on very little3 supplies. they only had enough food to last two days. each miner only had two spoonfuls of tuna half a cookie and a glass of milk every two days. on august 22 the rescuers above ground discovered the miners.the rescuers broke through the shelter with a long narrow drill. The miners attached to the rescuers that they were all alive.then the rescuers started sending supplies through a tube. They were all rescued by the rescuers.