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Pit Bull Friend or Foe

By Jesus G.
Washington, Age 15

Pit Bull Friend or Foe
Imagine a beautiful blue dog with a white chest and a muscular body. That a Pit bull an exotic dog with an impressive look. Though people see them as this enormous beast looking dog, people are judging the dog by its looks and what they hear. That the same thing as judging a book by its cover you are judging it before you even get to know it.

You see a lab or a Husky running up to you and your reaction is Oh how cute look at this beautiful dog. A Pit bull does the exact same thing and your reaction is Ah! Stay away you bad dog! You don’t wait to even call the cops or animal control. “Pit bulls are frequently killed by police officers because of their bad reputation”. This is an unfortunate truth because it’s a confident and alert dog. Like most canines, well let you know if there is something around the house or in your drive way. It’s a good friend and an awesome guard dog. A good Pit bull will instinctively attempt to defend you because you are the food provider and it depends on you for survival, most in important it will protect you because you’re his best friend. If you aren’t being aggressive it will be friendly with anyone doesn’t matter age, sex, skin color because it’s a stable dog
To help Pit bull’s reputation never allow to roam around free. Try to keep it in a fenced yard were it has room to run around. Even if you believe you have full control of your dog, you can’t predict what he will do if a squirrel runs in front of him. Remember that it a “terrier it has a high prey drive and urge to chase other animals, its an inherent trait of their breed” If a lab starts a fight and your dog finish it, who will everyone blame? Face it the Pit bull is always at fault in the eyes of the public.
Don’t let your dog round around free know where he is at all time, to avoid problems. To help your dog take him to obedience school you need to let him you’re the boss and you are in command at all times. Teach him to listen to your orders. They need a job like jogging with. They need their daily exercise like pulling weights or playing fetch. You have to understand that this breed was created for and developed for sport fight according to Don’t expect your dog to be comfortable around unknown dogs. As long you understand this and can love it for who and what and you got it.

We as dog owners are in an important battle. Our pit bulls are being label as vicious evil dogs and are being killed. They are being “targeted”, “pointed at” and “outcast” by society. Our loving dogs are in the “verge of being completely banned out of this country” Pit bulls are dying in shelters don’t be part of the problem be part of the solution.