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The Texas Revolution

By Christian C.
Texas, Age 12

Cavesa de Vaca was a explorer from Texas. La sal was on of the liters of the Revolution. I think that he is the best because he lived in Texas. San Hiusten was the other one that was a explorer from Texas.
San Hiusten,was elected for the first president from Texas. San Hiusten, was elected for first president in about erly 1840's. San Hiusten, was elected for second time president from Texas. This happen in the erly 1890's. Merabear Lamar,was elected president of the Repoblic of Texas.
San Hiusten, Cavesa da Vaca, and Meabear Lumar are the once I like. I think they are just the best explorers. They where one of the most elected for the war. They were the onjce that were elected for president for Texas. I wouldof hop for them to not did.