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Boring Now?

By Emma W.
Massachusetts, Age 9

Many people think that lego's are really boring. All you do is stack to make patterns. They are also a pain to put away. It seens like there is nothing to make. But, if you are thinking all that is right, you are all wrong. Not only can you build cool things, but you can learn cool things too. I have been taking a class on lego technology. I had no idea what an axel was. I learned on the first day. Have you ever made a
car with a pully? Or a R V? I have. Also, I learned how and what foundations do. My sister, my friend, and I have made some really cool houses and shops. So, on rainy days I know what I am going to do. The best part is that you can order your own set online. Become the master of fun with your own crazy ideas of having a blast!