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School Bullies

By Cheyenne W.
California, Age 6

School Bullies Are Everywhere! 4-8-03 Bullies are going out of control!

Most bullies are the popular kids. Some people say that most bullies are the kids that other students look up to hang out with so they won’t get beat up. Most people encourage bullies because they're fun to watch.
Expert Elizabeth Siris says that some bullies become popular from just beating up people. “ Shenise thinks that people are bullies for there own personal pleasure.” Bakir thinks that people are bullies because they probably got beat by their parent and they feel the same way.” Some schools across the U.S are fighting against bullying.

Some tips from expert Mr. Beane and Miss Siris. ''If a bully bothers you tell a parent or teacher, If a bully bullies you at school tell a parent and discuss it with your teacher, look the bully in the eye and walk away confidently, and stand up for other students and bullies want to hurt your feelings.'' We’ll try to stay away from bullies.