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Aphordite's Beauty Pagent

By Alexis M.
New Jersey, Age 14

Yesterday on December 22 was Aphordite's first annul Beaty Pagent. Aphordite picked 12 Women to compete. The women were:......... They were judged on their talent, Beauty, How well they gave interveiws, and their style. The winner was..... She scored a total of...... .... was the deffently the best choice. ''She did amazing in all the catagorys'' said judge .... Her reward was a trip to the Mt. Olympus resort. ''I was so shocked when the judge announced I was the winner. I was so excited!'' said winner..... Thsi won't be the last pagent girls. There will be one next year. Just keep readin the Olypus reviw to find when the next tryouts are.