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Why is it important for Americans to vote?

By Brenna D.
Oklahoma, Age 12

When you vote your not just voting on president.Your also voting for sheriffs,county commision and stuff like that.For example education.Don't you want your kids to be well educated? And when you vote for a president you want him to win becuase you would like to have a better country, and enviroment.What if there wasn't freedom for us americans.People had to vote so that we could have freedom.Some other things like that is freedom of speech, or maybe even fair trial.Today people dont obey laws.But they should because those people who dont obey them probaly voted on that law to pass.If they didn't obey them it is kind of like saying that they dont really care.And one last thing, you should vote because you can,not because you want to or you dont care. People should care because they needs to make America better.I mean look at gas prices they are high dollar.If you want that to change vote for the president that is goin to change that and make America better.