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A War Has Occurred

By Julia M.
Michigan, Age 14

Beginning early last evening, and going well into the night, the forces of Queen Redd battled the forces of Alyss of Wonderland ending in a defeat for the now overthrown Queen Redd.

If you were to witness the lights and the colors of last night, you might have thought it was just a storm brewing on the horizon. But it was no storm; it was the battle of Mount Isolation that Alyss of Wonderland and the now overthrown Queen Redd engaged in last night. The rebel forces, or Alyssians , have long been trying to overthrown Queen Redd because of her questionable antics and sometimes unfair ruling. But until now, they have had no success in doing so. Queen Alyss was their only hope, and she proved that White Imagination (the magic that comes from your imagination within) conquers all Darkness. While the knights of the Alyssian army were fighting the Glass Eyes and The Cut of Redd’s army, Alyss and Redd themselves were fighting inside the Looking Glass Maze. The fighting consisted of cyclones of White Imagination and Black Imagination whirling about. Redd seemed like she had the upper hand until Alyss parried back with one final blow and sent her evil aunt into the depths of the Heart Crystal forever.
After the action
Remaining on the battlefields were the now broken and defeated minions of Redd’s army. Without their master they do not function, and so they all now lay lifeless on the ground. The Alyssian army suffered many causalities too though, and the now Queen of Wonderland, Alyss Heart, says that she will remember their bravery and gallantry with everything that she does from this day forward. Without them she certainly would not have been able to reclaim her throne.

A picture of Wonderland now that it has a new, honest, and fair Queen.