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The teenage years of Sandra M

By Karissa M.
Nevada, Age 9

When Sandra was a teenager her best friend was Charlene she was white, a blondei, loud, Sandra says she was nice now she's rude. Sandras favortie thing to do when she was a teenager was ride her bike to 7/11 and the store with her friends. She would go out with her friend every day after school and after she fineshed her homework and when her mom got home from work. When she would go out she'd go to 7/11 or the movies when she went to 7/11 she usually got a slurpee and a pack of gum. She went out from 4:30 to 7:00 every day. She said she just went outside to play kickball, tag,hide- n - seek, and relax and listen to music. I think she had a great time as a teenager!!!!!!!