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Donít waste, recycle!

By Mina C.
South Korea, Age 15

Are you a frugal person? If not, then do you know how much waste is being generated for not being frugal? The problems with the disposal of waste and recycling have been big issues in many countries all over the world.

According to surveys, the quantity of waste being produced has gone far beyond the amount of recycling being performed. If the household waste keeps on increasing, the cost of disposal will definitely increase. Therefore, many countries are feeling keenly the necessity of the consumption reduction policies. Even though the environmental policies in many countries have been improving, there is still a long road ahead.

In order to solve the waste problem, several things have to be implemented. First of all, excessive and foolish consumption should be reduced. People should change their spending habits from being spendthrifts to being frugal. They need to stop spending all their money in buying not particularly required things and have to be wise in consumption. They should check whether what they buy is non-degradable; otherwise it will lead to environmental problems.

As long as the waste being generated decreases, countries will spend less and this will help the economy by using the budget for some other purpose. Apart from that, it will benefit the environment as well. So, now, letís put this into practice: Stop wasting, start recycling!