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The Presidential Election

By Andrew P.
Illinois, Age 7

About 95% of the kids go to public schools. The rooms are very crowded. Researchers say that in overcrowed classrooms kids are distracted. Also we have very old textbooks. What Al Gore plans to do about that is he wants to make smaller schools and give more money to schools so they can get better stuff like textbooks. I like Al Gore’s plan more than George Bush’s plan.

I think that Gore is right about gun control because guns shouldn’t be around kids. Guns cause a lot of damage to everybody. I think that only police should have a gun. Some parents have guns and later their children get hold of it. Kids or adults lose their life because of someone being irresponsible. I don’t think anyone needs a gun. Some parents don’t realize how much damage they cause to other lives.

Gore said that he wants to abandon guns. I seriously agree with him. I hope that that’s what they’re going to do. If that happens everything and everyone will be safe, knowing that there is no possibility of losing their life or someone else.

I agree with Gore because I believe that guns should be stopped. Gore wants to abandon guns. He wants to make a check-up list and make sure that the people who have guns have a license for it. I agree with Gore because he is the one who really wants to do something about gun control. Before I never heard anyone talk about putting a stop to it. I agree with Gore because gun control is an important issue. I also agree with Gore because he wants hand guns registered. He does not believe in people carrying concealed hand guns. This would be dangerous to people and kids in the schools.
I think that Gore’s ideas for schools have some bad points because smaller schools and classes will get crowed very easily. I don’t think that smaller classes will raise or lower test grades. There should not be any different discipline for smaller classes.

I think that he has good ideas to get funds for after school programs for schools that are failing because then it could help the schools that are failing do better. I think that it is a good idea to give federal money to poor schools to pay teachers because all kids should have the same kind of teaching. I don’t think that is right to teach children differently because they are poor.

For education Bush would allow the use of federal funds in private schools. He also says that parents should have a right to put their kids in the best school whether it is public or private. Bush would also make sure that states publish school by school report cards. They would include annual test results. He thinks this will help in bringing the best students to the best schools and the failing students to the failing schools. I like Bush and his ideas so I think he will win.

For education Gore wants to have smaller schools and smaller classrooms because he says it will help by having less discipline problems and it will raise test scores. Gore also wants to have after-school programs for failing schools. Gore wants to use federal money to pay the teachers more money in poor schools. Teachers than would undergo evaluations to determine their pay levels.

The plan that Bush wants is to cut taxes by a 10% deduction and he will veto any new taxes. Al Gore says he will get rid of the marriage penalty and cut taxes more than the Republican. Gore will give money for education and Gore feels strongly about Social Security.

My opinion is that both are good plans, but my favorite plan is Gore's plan. Gore promises he will do more, if he keeps his promises. The only thing Gore should do is to veto new taxes.
The issue I like is that of the environment. I agree with Al Gore on this issue because something has to be done about warming and it seems that Bush is trying to delay action. Bush says they should go with “the best available science” which seems to ignore the present reasons. He says he will help the conservation of wetlands and habitats.
Gore helped lessen the emission standards and wants them met. His proposal is to stop any stop any slowing down of environmental protection, which is the opposite of what Bush is doing. I like the environment so I liked Al Gore’s position because it seemed better for the environment and getting things done.

Concerning environmental protection Bush says that global warming should be taken seriously. Bush wants to forbid offshore oil drilling in California and Florida. He also supports protection of the land, wetlands, and habitats.

Gore’s position is to help write international standards to lessen gas production that had been causing global warming. Gore also wants to increase environmental protection and wants to improve and make the protection system better.
For the first time in many years the government has a budget surplus. These are some of the things that Al Gore and George Bush want to do with the money. Al Gore wants to cut tax rates. Al Gore is helping the Social Security System by using a lot of the budget surplus. I think this is good because my parents will be using this soon! Al Gore is also helping education by making a tax-free savings plan.

Gore is going to double the credit received for every child and veto any rise in tax rates. George Bush is also cutting tax rates but at a bigger amount than Al Gore. These are the things that Al Gore and George Bush are planning to do with the budget surplus. I would vote for Al Gore.