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An Unusual Death

By Adrian L.
Washington, Age 14

An Unusual Death
By: Adrian

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be brutally harassed, killed with no mercy? Or even go into a competition knowing the worst will most likely happen? Well this is the life of a fighting dog and 100,000 dogs go into this competition every year . And today in society there’s not much that people do to prevent this.
Its illegal in America but surprisingly it was started for police entertainment. And today in America the dog of choice is the infamous pit-bull. This is the descendant of the bull baiting dog which was breed to bite an object and hold. This is why the pit-bull is the first choice, because the fighting is in the dogs’ blood. This reflects very badly on the pit-bulls reputation which makes the dog harder to own because of the fear that it might attack you. Yet in real life these dogs are very loyal and hyper and can be a little to over protective.
The problem with dog fighting is that it’s really hard to stop because you can’t really trace a beaten up dog back to some random guy. In the court system the case would usually be closed to a lack of evidence. We could probably stop dog fighting if all the people came together and actually attempted to try to stop dog fighting. But some people fear of what might happen to them if others found out that they “snitched” them out. So what they do is hide in the shadows and stay speechless. But what we really need is someone to speak for the speechless.
“Man’s best friend” may fight to the death in dogfights, often with tens of thousands of dollars at stake. Dogfighters sometimes kill the losing dogs, and even winning dogs may die from their wounds. Police often discover drugs, guns, and even murder in”. Michael Vick, who was a wealthy, famous football star, was convicted and charged for dog fighting. He was found guilty of these charges and imprisoned. His life was nearly ruined because of one mistake, which shook the world. This really goes to show that dog fighting is bad for society and its bad for the world, and needs to be stopped. One possible way to help stop dog fighting is to ban certain breeds . This is pointing mainly to the pit-bull breed. But what this does is punish good dog owners and pit-bulls that are actually loyal and caring. Stereotypes make people believe that this breed will cause nothing but trouble.
In my opinion dog fighting wouldn’t be a problem in society if people were strong enough to tell people that what they are doing is wrong. So if you were ever to know about any staged dog fighting, get out of the shadows and take care of the problem. Speak up for the speechless. Or you can just spend the rest of your life in the shadows.