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Getting Cost-Conscious With Prom

By Alicia H.
Canada, Age 15

There are ways of steering away from the luxurious limousines and the dresses that cost so much they due damage to your savings account. It is possible for senior students to still have the night of their lives by making their prom a more “simple affair” with out the unnecessary excesses.

What the parents of teens in this generation remember about their prom was being allowed to take their parents car out for the night, making their dresses from scratch, or given a hand-me-down from a relative, and few being extremely lucky to be treated to a perm for the special occasion. However, this generations prom extravaganzas is a mere foil to those of their parents. Teenagers these days have envisions of their proms being like those on Mtv’s “Prom Princess” also thinking that it is normal to have such extravagant venues like the ones shown on my “My Super Sweet Sixteenth”. However, due to the recent economic situation teens have been forced to cut back on there “high priced desires” and accept their prom night to be more realistic and simplistic: having a lower budget. A recent survey constructed by Your Prom Magazine shows how teens have set their prom budgets at around $1000, which is a significant cut back to previous years where budgets were set to $2500 plus.

Cardinal Carter Catholic High school student, Alexa Furlano, 17 confesses the extremities of prom and plans to spend no more than $400 dollars on her prom ensemble. “It’s a long and fancy dress I only wish to wear once, my priorities in looking for a dress is simple. The price has to be right and it has to look good. I am not concerned about the designer, Sherri Hill or a no name boutique, its all good.”
Besides parents cutting back on the cost of their children’s prom budgets, in some cases it is the child themselves who are coming to the realization of the unnecessary costs of prom. Andria 18, with no shame knows she will have to save every last dollar she can for her tuition next year for university. “I rather have debt from my university education than buying a $700 dress that I will wear for less than 10 hours out of my whole life.”

The experts have given senior students some advice on maintaining their budgets for prom. The biggest dress-shopping tip is to avoid peer persuasion. Don’t feel pressured to spend the same amount of money as your friends. Each family is different; as each teen will have a different price point they will be allowed to spend on their prom outfits. The experts reminded girls especially to always pick a dress that fits you well over the dress that has the best designer label. A dress that will be able to beautifully flatter a girl’s physique will make you look like your worth a million dollars, as people will remember you by how good you looked rather than who you were wearing.

For most, prom will be the most memorable night of a teenager’s life. These memories however, should not depend on how much money went into your evening but the time spent with your graduating class, as these recollections should be something you will cherish forever and are priceless.