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Wolf Reintroduction

By Heather R.
Iowa, Age 8

Wolves are one of the most misunderstood animals in the wildlife. In 1930, people started to kill all the wolves because they killed the farmer's livestock. By the 1960's, over half of the former range of the wolves was reduced.
In Alaska, the wolves have a healthy number of over 6,000. But in the lower forty-eight states, wolves are on the endangerd list.
Now, wolves are being slowly reintroduced into the wildlife in The National Yellowstone Park and other places in Minisota, Montana, and Idaho by wolf conservations.
One of the conservations in Minisota is The International Wolf Center. They rais ambassader wolves and keep them captive in a very larg area. People are able to come and learn about them. The web site is:
You can go there to learn more about wolves yourself!