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The Quest Of Zhu

By Azaria A.
Connecticut, Age 9

Once upon a time there was a little hamster named Zhu.She was little,a creamish brown,she had black beady eyes and half white in the middle where her belly is.But then she gets captured by a bad guy and sent to a different country.But then she meets 2 other hamsters that are friendly.One is purple with brown beady eyes.The other one is dark-brown with black eyes.And now they have to find a way to help Zhu get back to were she lives.And now the hamsters are going to help Zhu find her way back home.So now they escape and find there way out of the bad guys kingdom.Now Zhu is saved and somebody found Zhu to keep and it was a girl.The girls name is Emma and she fed Zhu played with Zhu and slept with Zhu.And that's my story