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My Dad Being in the Army

By Amber G.
Alabama, Age 5

My dad joined the Army around the age of 19 . He joined the Army because he was unemployed. My dad was still around the age of 19 when he went to basic training. In basic training they teach what all you will need to know when you go to war.
In basic training you excerise, you march, and do a numerous amount of drills. My dad started out as a Private 1st Class. A Private 1st Class does whatever they tell them to do. My dad is in the 926th Combat Engineer. A 926th Combat Engineer rebuilds things that have been desroyed & they check for land mines.My dad now is a CSM (Command Sergeant Major). My dad has only been over seas 1 time. Which that 1 time is right now. He has been in the Army for 23 years.
If you want to be in the Army good luck and think twice about entering.