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Stolen Painting Found By Leafy

By Chris P.
Indiana, Age 13

Saturday morning Leafy was sent to Jail. He supposedly stole a painting!
On Saturday morning leafy woke up because a frog was snoring right next to him. He looked around the park and then looked down and saw a painting sitting next to a frog. Leafy then realized that this was the painting that was on T.V. last night. He saw a nametag on the frog that said “bubba”. Leafy slowly took the painting and left the frog.
Leafy took it to the tree station and the Tree men arrested him! He tried to explain to it that it was bubba the frog but he had no evidence to show that. After two days of being in the vine cell the FBI (free birds incorporation) found Bubba the frog’s lip print on the painting. Leafy was set free.
As Bubba was swimming in a pond one day he said to himself, “Where is my flippin’ painting that I stole!”
The tree men found Bubba and arrested him. Bubba was sentenced to 97 and one half years in the vine cell. He told me just before he went in. “I hate that darn tree!”