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A Wedding to Remember

By Nicole S.
Michigan, Age 12

Last week, Deborah Lea Stone and Brian Winston Webster were wed on a beautiful sunny day. I watched them very carefully as soon as they got out of the limo. What attracted my eye wasn’t the bride; it was actually the flower girls! They were dressed up in very large sequenced swan costumes. I went up to one of them, who was actually Debbie’s sister Gemma, and asked if I could have a moment with her. I asked her, “Please tell me, why on earth are you wearing a….. duck costume?” “It is supposed to be a swan, and I have to wear this because the “theme” to this wedding is animals that mate for life.” She said. “Did you want to wear this?” She replied, “No.” “Tell me, how do you feel about your sister Debbie marrying Brian Webster?” She says, “I am really happy for them. There couldn’t be anyone more perfect for each other.” “Thank you very much for your time.”
Gemma was absolutely right about them being a perfect couple. There was actually a hesitation during the “I do’s”. Debbie seemed like she had blanked out. Everyone started murmuring, except for her parents who looked like they had just eaten a sock. Her mother hissed to Debbie, “Say I do!” Suddenly Debbie found her brain and said, “I, Deborah Lea Stone, take you Brian Winston Webster, whatever way you come, until death do us part.” Everyone cheered in excitement while the newlyweds walked down the aisle. It was truly a wedding to remember.