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My Awesome Sister

By Allison F.
New Jersey, Age 9

One sunny monday, afterschool my mom, my sister, and I were making dinner.My dad didn,t come home yet.Anyway, earlier that day my sister taught me how to spaz.So I decided to try it while my sister was holding a bowl of rice.As my sister was screamed the bowl of rice collasped onto the floor.It was like ten thousand white pieces of jumping jelly beans, spreaded across the floor.No one cleaned it up

When my dad came home my sister and I came thudding down the stairs and raced into the kicthen only to stop right in our tracks,when we saw where he was sanding.My dad looked ten times taller.While he glared at us I pointed at my sister.I felt like running out the door and hide.I didn't.I was going to stay here with my sister no matter how much trouble we get into.I knew my sister was mad at dad for making her clean up the rice and she was escpecially mad at me for making her spillso I told my dad I made her spill the rice.So I had to help clean up the rice and do the dishes alone.

The past is behind us and my sister and I still love each other more and more everyday.I would never want her to leave because my sister is truly awesome.