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By Amber P.
Tennessee, Age 15

Sales are final! Everything must go! Come and spend your money,and be satisfied with what you buy no regrets of thinking twice just buy and go.

It was Black Friday, and my sisters and I went shopping to look for the different sales. We went to rue 21 first where we bought a lot of stuff for the lowest prices. After that we went to the mall and went to Charming Charlie's. They have the lowest prices ever! Everything in the store is under $50! Come on you cannot beat that. We spent over $300 in there. I went in with money and I came out broke, but I wasn’t unhappy with that.

After all the shopping we were tired and hungry, so we went to Americans Cafe in the mall. We talked and laughed for about 3 hours. We were at the mall till the mall closed, and when we left it was raining so we all got wet trying to find the car.