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Social Networking: Good or Bad?

By Andrew L.
Pennsylvania, Age 13

There are many benefits of having social networking like having easy access to talk with your friends and family. On the other hand, there are many dangers of having social networking. There should be no social networking because you can get in a lot of trouble on the Internet.

Social networking is dangerous because the Federal Trade Commission said “7% of people on the Internet have encountered cyberbullying” . Most people on Facebook put stuff on their account like pictures and information. Facebook Facts, Figures, and Statistics said “Once you post something you can’t take it back. Facebook is a popular website that has more than 600 million active users. Average users have 130 friends on Facebook. Finally, there are more than 3 billion photos uploaded on Facebook” . Social Networking will only make things worse.

Although there are many pros to social networking, it is a bad thing because you can get into a lot of trouble on the Internet. Someone committed suicide because another person put something on the Internet that the first person did not like. It was embarrassing and it caused to death. That is a reason why we should not have social networking.