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School Poisons 400 Students

By Alexander H.
California, Age 6

April 8,2003-If you went to school and it seemed like only three people were there besides you, well that almost happened at Sta. Ana, Metro Manila when 400 of the students got sick over the weekend thanks to the school canteen (lunch).

Reports to the Department of Education (Dept. Ed) says that 205 of the victims were taken to the Hospital in Manila, 57 went to the Philippine General Hospital, 37 were taken to Lourdes Hospital, and 15 to the Mandaluyong Medical Center. All of the victims went to the Thomas Earnshaw Elementary School located in Punta, Sta. Ana. “This will be investigated thoroughly. We are closely coordinating with Hospitals to determine their findings on the students. Food and drink samples will also be taken from the canteen for examination,” says Thelma Santos, director of the Dept. Ed and Nutrition Center.

Dr. Ma Luisa Quinones superintendent for Manila, cleared Dr. Ofelia Viray the school principal of any culpability. “Its premature to say that the students fell ill because of the food sold in the canteen. Dr. Viray is known for cleanliness. Before the opening of classes, she even had the water tank cleansed,” Quinones said.

The food and drinks sampled from the school canteen were determined spoiled. The thing is that none of the students noticed anything wrong with the food. This just goes to show you that even if the food tastes good it may be bad and if the food tastes bad it is probably good.