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How Did King Tut Die?

By Alycia J.
Canada, Age 10

People around the world are still suspicious of the death of King Tut. They don't know if it really was a murder. 45 percent say that it was not a murder. People around the nation went to Egypt to find the tomb King Tut was buried in. But there was only 6 people who found it. They say it was not a murder and he did not commit suicide. King Tut died from a serious leg wound. He was at a party having a good time with his wife and son. He drank a glass of wine but did not get drunk. His leg wound was pounding on him hard. His doctor said that it could happen any time of day or night. His wife and son carried his very ill father and husband to his bed. The next morning, his wife and son came to his room to check on him. They later found out that he passed away in the night because of his leg wound. He leaves behind his wife and son.