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By Ryan A.
Montana, Age 14

Have you ever seen or heard of Bigfoot? He is said to be tall and hairy. Bigfoot is said if it were to wear a shoe it would wear a size 16 and its foot would be 7Ē wide. Itís amazing how big he is. Bigfootís foot is way bigger than any human foot except for Shaquille OíNeil. There is said to be a female and male Sasquatch. Bigfoot has said to be seen at many times in the day. California has had the most Bigfoot sightings. California has had 369 Bigfoot sightings. Oregon has had 199 Bigfoot sightings. Hawaii has had zero sightings of Bigfoot. Rhode Island has only had 3 sightings of Bigfoot. From the information this reporter has collected, the so called Bigfoot hasnít been found on islands as much as on continents. This isnít surprising, because this reporter never heard anything about Bigfoot swimming across the ocean to other islands. Bigfoot is interesting to this reporter, any may be to other people because some people really believe in Bigfoot and the internet has some realistic pictures that could trick you into believing in Bigfoot. He is a strange/huge creature that is fun for some people to believe in real or not.