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The Milk Spill

By Kiana W.
Nevada, Age 7

When Maryann S got home from school she was going to do her homework first, but exactly she wanted a glass of milk to go with her homework. When she sipped her glass, something happened..... SPLASH! The milk spilled all over her dress and onto her homework. ''AHHHHHHHHHH!'' Maryann cried as she backed away from the horrible milk spill. Mother ran downstairs and into the messy kitchen. ''What's going on?'' asked Mother. ''My homework is ruined and torn!'' cried Maryann as tears dripped down her eyeballs. Mother put Maryann's home work away and said,''We'll have to give it to Mr. Fluffington and say that we did something wrong.'' Mother was right. Maryann should've sipped her milk before anything happened. ''But it's Thursday!'' Maryann begun. ''There's no homework Friday and I need to do it?'' Mother didn't say anything and just put Maryann's homework away. ''Go to sleep'' was all Mother said. The next morning Maryann changed clothes, brushed teeth, combed hair, and put backpack on back. Maryann walked to school and gave her homework to Mr. Fluffington. ''You'll have to do this blank sheet of paper over the weekend,'' he said scratching his chin. Maryann took her homework and set it in her bag. Once school was done Maryann was going to ask for a glass of milk but she remembered what Mother said. Maryann started her homework with a pencil. She wrote carefully with the sharp point. When everything was done Maryann set the sheets in her backpack. ''Perfect!'' Maryann smiled brightly. On Monday Maryann put her homework in a treat basket then at the end of the day she got an MP3 player. She played all of her music on the computer. And that's how the story ended.