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Phils Beat Rays; 1 Win Away

By Clay R.
Virginia, Age 10

It was exciting to watch this Sunday night slugfest between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Philadelphia Phillies. Nothing went the way the Rays wanted Game 4 to turn out. Now the Phils are on the verge of winning their first World Series title since 1980 after they beat the Rays in Game 4 behind the arm and bat of Joe Blanton. Victimized by two errors and a first-inning call that didn't go their way, Tampa Bay is one loss away from having their World Series dream blown away. But, you never know whats going to happen with those young but strong Rays. The Boston Red Sox were down 3-1 to the New York Yankees in the 2004 ALCS, and they ended up winning the World Series that year. The Phillies are now not 2, not 3, but 1 win away from winning what every baseball player wants. A World Series title.

Game 4 was more like the 2008 Home Run Derby than a regular postseason game. Joe Blanton, the pitcher, even hit a home run. I mean, a pitcher hitting a hom run! Thats something you see every day! Both teams combined hit 6 homers! Ryan Howard from the fightn' Phils hit 2 bombs, one in the 4th inning and one in the 8th inning. The homer in the 4th inning was off Andy Sonnanstine. The homer in the 8th inning was off Trever Miller. Joe Blanton's homer was off Edwin Jackson. Jason Weth's homer was off Dan Wheeler.

The Rays hit 2 homers. In the 4th inning, Carl Crawford hit a homer off Joe Blanton. Tampa Bay's other homer was hit by Eric Hinske off joe Blanton in the 5th inning. Those two homers were the only way the Rays scored in Game 4. Both teams combined for 17 hits in 70 at-bats. That means that both teams got hits 24% of their at-bats. The Phillies had 23 men left on base, while the Rays had 14 men left on base. The Rays hitters combined for 12 strikeouts, while the Phillies hitters combined for 4 strikeouts. The Rays hitters walked twice, while the Phillies hitters walked 5 times.

This World Series Game 4 was a good baseball game. The Phils are now one game away from winning the World Series title.

For the Phillies, Cole Hamels, their ace, will be pitching in Game 5. For tampa, Scott Kazmir will be pitching. Will Cole Hamels bring the fightn' Phils to a World Series title, or will the young Rays force a Game 6? The world of baseball doesn't knoew yet, so baseball fans will have to wait and see.