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By Casey D.
United Kingdom, Age 10

Famous celebrity singer, Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) has been reported missing after a poor performance in Australia. She was last seen by her loving father on the plane back to her hometown in America. The singer went missing on the 26th July, 2007 at approximately 3:25pm and has not been seen since. Her family and fans were left woebegone and sombre when they heard the stunning star had vanished or run away.

Her brother exclaimed “The record company were threatening to rip up her contract after some disappointing performances around the world. They told her the shocking news a week before the talented young girl went missing” These aforementioned performances were apparently due to lack of practice and a bad diet.

When she was last seen, Miley was wearing a light turquoise top, a denim jacket and ebony black jeans. This tragic situation left the police baffled.

This amazingly bright and special girl is allegedly still in the Florida area. Let’s hope Miley is back for her tour which starts in London on 1st August.