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American Girl Sets Sail with Superstar!

By Audrey S.
Michigan, Age 13

American Girl Sets Sail with Superstar!
Volume: #1 Date: 5/17/09
She was Westchester's girl, Pretty Committee’s beta, and now International pop star’s girlfriend?!
Alicia Rivera is the lucky girl’s name. She was vacationing with her relatives, when she discovered that the newest pop star, I, was searching for a true Spanish girl to star in one of his upcoming videos. As everyone can see, it was Alicia’s lucky day, when she auditioned. Her three pretty cousins also auditioned too.
After realizing that her cousins were just being nice to her for her clothes, Alicia got stuck with her other cousin, Nina, who apparently was at odds with each other.
While Alicia and Nina were messing around, they ruined the prized statue of Spain. Alicia’s parents refused to pay for the statue, to teach her a lesson. So the manual labor began. Her cousins ditched them and tried to find I, leaving Nina and Alicia to become maids.
Don’t be feeling bad for them, because this is probably the best thing that happened to Alicia. While searching for a Spanish Superstar, she hardly noticed the British kid, Nigel, flirting with her. For sure it wasn’t love at first sight.
An insider tells us that Alicia thought he was boyfriend material, but she wanted to be a Spanish alpha, and for that, she needed a Spanish boyfriend.
Alicia and Nina finally got even after Alicia banned Nina from Westchester, and Nina pulled stunts to make Alicia’s life more difficult.
After tricking, pranking, and sabotaging her cousins, Alicia and Nina hadn’t gotten anywhere. Then, after realizing her cousins had pretty much stolen the pop star, Alicia almost gave up, that was, until she spoke to Nigel again.
Alicia’s cousins were in the photo shoot, and from the looks of it, it was horrible.
A nearby reporter heard their conversation. Nigel said, “Didn’t I say you’d regret winning the contest? He winked. Alicia spoke, “How do you know all of this?” Nina gasped. “I am I”, Nigel said sweetly.
From an insider source, Nigel relieved them of maid duty, and took Nina and Alicia by the hand, and took them to his yacht to sail that after noon.