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Other options for abortion

By Anna P.
Washington, Age 14

There was no baby to think of; no smile, no little fingers or toes to remember. You have only the memory that you ended your baby’s life. Instead of feeling good about your pregnancy ended, you may feel sad and empty. But you can never go back and give that child life. Decisions, some are big and some are small. Some don’t affect your life at all, and others have consequences, you must deal with, the rest of your life.
In one day there are approximately 115,000 abortions in the world. Over 50% of abortions are by women under the age of 25 (, 2). Is there a really good reason for women to do abortion? In a recent survey by Torres and Forrest (, 3). 21% of women feel that they are not ready for the responsibility of raising a child. 16% feel that their lives would change too much. However, some of these reasons may be influenced by pressure from the father of the baby or from her parents to have an abortion. Another reason that women do abortions would be because she doesn’t want other people to know that she became pregnant, or because she may fear physical abuse from the parent if they learn about her pregnancy. On the other hand 47% of women don’t know that there is help they can go to. For example, there is counseling.
There are many women who end up regretting doing abortion. For example, Lisa stated, “I regret doing abortion, because it is a pain living with the thought, of killing an innocent baby knowing that I could have done adoption, or I could get help” (, 3). Another woman quoted, “Everyday is a challenge for me, and I have decided instead of beating myself up everyday, to try and change at least one women’s mind about abortion” (, 4). In addition, one woman said that, in statistics, greater numbers of women who have abortion are more likely to have breast cancer, than those who don’t. In the same fashion, flushing away human life for being inconvenient reflects badly, on an already self-centered, throw-away society. On other words, she also stated that she truly doesn’t think that God would approve. In the other hand the economy, from schoolbooks, to housing, to stockings, to the stock market in which everyone’s prosperity depends on other people buying their products. Without families reproducing, there is no market (, 1). I agree with all these women that abortion is not good at all and that God would totally not approve. Also why would you rather do abortion when you can adopt and when you’re ready to have a child you can meet your baby?
If you adopt, you will be free to pursue your goals and dreams that you had before you were pregnant, and you will not have to care for a baby before you are ready. Not only that but you will not have to worry about having to find a sitter, missing out on the fun with your friends and being tied down. On the other hand you will not have financial burden of caring for a child. Also, when you think of your baby, you will have precious memories of your babies face, fingers, toes, eyes and smile. When you think of your baby, you will think of him or her as a happy and loved by a mommy and a daddy. In the other hand, you will know you gave the greatest gift of all, a child to a couple whose hopes and dream was a baby to love. In the other hand if you do abortion you will feel empty inside of you knowing that instead of doing abortion and killing your baby you could of given the baby up for adoption to a couple who would of liked to raise the child.
Therefore you should do adoption instead of abortion. You can have an open abortion which is, when the mother is able to pick the parents of her child. Also there is a closed adoption which is when the mother is separated and do not know where each other are, until of course some day in the future, the mother wants to reconnect with the child, in which that would be wonderful.