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Hate Law

By Erin R.
Kentucky, Age 7

The two men that most of the citizens are wanting to be the next president are George W. Bush, and Al Gore. I'm writing to tell you my personal statement on the hate law that no one is concerning theirselfs with.

George Bush was the govenor of Texas, the state were a African-American man was chained to the back of a pick-up truck and drug till his body parts were ripped off and scatterd along a dirt road. Bush knew these white men had done this hateful crime, but because he doesn't care about what goes on to the black community, these sly criminals got away with something they should've gotten life for.

Al Gore is for all races not just one. He's not going to let someone slide because of their skin color. If Gore was the govenor of Texas those men would have been in jail today. That man who died had a wife and kids. Can you amagine how his kids feel? His daughter cries everynight, because she can feel her daddies pain, and can understand what was going through his head.

Till this day she is still wondering why did those men kill father. All he wanted was ride, he wasn't looking for any trouble, but of course that's what you get when you live in the skin I live in.