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Super Sunday Rolls Around

By Alex W.
Florida, Age 9

Super Bowl XXXV is coming! On Sunday, January 28th 2001, the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants are going head to head in Tampa Bay, Florida to decide the best team in the NFL.
Both teams finished the regular season with a 12-4 record, but had a bit of a tight squeeze to get where they are now. Baltimore’s team did not score a single touchdown in the month of October, but still came away from the month with two wins thanks to their outstanding defense and effective special teams. Since the October flop, the Ravens have appointed a new leader to their offense, QB Trent Dilfer. Dilfer was moved from the Tamp Bay Buccaneers to Baltimore because of a lack of success- ironically, the Ravens are currently going to the biggest game in the league with Dilfer at the mast.
The New York Giants have also come through a tight squeeze. After losing their last game to put them 7-4, the Giants looked like they were down for the count. Coach Jim Fassel guaranteed a game in the playoffs at a press conference after the game…
…But he never could have expected this.
Statisticians judge this to be a low-scoring game with many turnovers on both ides of the field. Watch the Giants’ running game, which shouldn’t produce much with the Ravens’ top-notch rush defense. Also, Jason Sehorn and Ray Lewis should have some big games on pass protection. Giants fans should hope that the sack count is low, because any hits from RDT Tony Siragusa could result in a major injury.
This should be a wild ride for both teams, so be sure to watch Super Bowl XXXV.