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Tiger Sharks Friend or Foe

By Danny T.
Montana, Age 14

Are Tiger Sharks dangerous to people? Four people in my class think so; the other

fifteen think they arenít a danger. Tiger Sharks are a danger to people sometimes,

especially when they feel threatened, or are starving. The Tiger Shark hunts alone and

gets its name from the dark stripes across its back, which fade as the shark grows older.

The tiger shark has good eyesight. With its awesome sense of smell it can pick up the

faintest trace of blood in the water and follow it to the source. When Tiger sharks attack

they are very dangerous. Tiger sharks are found in coastal waters. Most Tiger Sharks hunt

at night. They feed on fish, seal, birds, smaller sharks, squids, and turtles. Their stomach

contents have contained everything from fish to license plates. So Tiger Sharks can be

dangerous, so donít get cut while swimming at night. Or else!