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Care Giving For Horses

By Shanay D.
Montana, Age 14

Have you ever wanted to have a Dream Horse? If so, would you know how to take care of your horse? First off you would have to figure out if it is allergic to anything and if it is then you would have to get the right shampoo so you can give it baths when needed.
Shampoo is the thing you need to use to give your horse the right kind of bath. First of all you need to have a p-H balanced shampoo mild enough you could shampoo every day if you wanted without problems.
Honestly, itís not a bad idea to wear gloves because the horses have a delicate balance of bacteria on its skin and to be clean, yet you donít want to kill the bacteria.
Starting from the top of the animals first work down, rinsing the lower leg and hooves last, of course. Itís always good to massage the horseís skin with either your hands or a mitt as you rinse, keep the water running until no more soap runs off the horse after rinsing you use the sweet scraper on your horse to remove any excess water.
Training mane you work your way down inch by inch scrub small portions at a time getting down to the crest by separating the hair, add a small amount of water to increase suds but not so much that the suds run down the horses neck. Gently wet horseís head, massage in the shampoo, and cut down on the water dumped on its head.
Drying, finally, you walk the horse till he/ or she dries, if not completely dry, the horse will roll in the dustiest spot he/ or she can find. If itís chilly or windy, you might want to toss on a cooler that will pull moisture away from the skin, and keep it warmer.
Baths damage hooves because bathing horses will tend to dry out the hooves. Brittle hooves are more of a problem in the summer. An easy way to minimize this is to coat the hooves with a petroleum jelly prior to bathing.
Having a dream horse is fun but you have to know how to take care of them to have one. Hopefully, you will find this integration about shampoo helpful in the care of your animal.