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Seeng is believing

By Ava T.
Washington, Age 15

Imagine seeing a boy every day, lonely, rugged, alone, miserable, and afraid of his life and his future. Seeing this boy everyday at school for you was a routine. You just imagined he was one of “those” kids, always getting into trouble, not going anywhere in life, and just not caring. The next day you go to school and he’s not there. And for the next two weeks he still isn’t there. You never really noticed him until he was gone. The principal comes on the intercom and announces there has been a tragedy reported to the police. He says a little boy has been killed. I begin to think its him, it’s the boy who hasn’t been here for weeks. There were lots of rumors going around by the other kids about him, but then one day I heard a rumor that actually seemed true. He had been abused. But no one ever knew…
Almost 5 children everyday die as a result of child abuse (, 1). In 2002 2.6 million reports concerning the welfare of approximately 4.5 million children were made (Vincent, Jannelli 1). 3000 cases of child abuse were reported in this country and 2000 children died as a result to the abuse ( 1). All these facts are true and happen everyday all around the world. The result of this abuse on children give them permanent scarring for life.
One story from a young girls past says,” My father used to touch me in a horrible way when my mom was at work at night. I was 10 years old when it started. I felt so sick when I knew it was a night that mom had to work late. Worrying about what would happen, I was always tense and stressing out all the time.” (, 1). Stories like this show how horrible abuse is especially sexual abuse as shown in this story. Things like this happen to children and effect them and stay with them for the rest of there lives. If people took one more thought about the effect of their actions on the children they are hurting. The world could be a better place for at least one miserable child in that situation.
Why do people abuse? A lot of people find it difficult understanding the motives of people who are involved in abuse, whether it’s the person being abused or the abuser. Some people abuse because they learned it from there parents to abuse (Patricelli , 1). Because of the way people abuse kids it shows other people that abusing is alright if someone does it to them. The way they leave the kids scare them forever.
Everyday all over the world children get abused. The effect of abuse on children is really, really bad and abuse should never ever happen to any child all over the world. Because of people abusing children makes the lives of them and the children they abused horrible. Now the question is how can we get more people to see the signs of abuse and to help these children? And how can we get people to just not abuse at all? We need more people all over the U.S to help children live and to keep there lives from being ruined forever. People everywhere get the thought that it’s okay, but its not. Now think, if you could see the signs of child abuse on one child, you would save them. Be more aware of what people do to children and make a difference in their life. 598