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End child labor

By Salar A.
Utah, Age 9

Child labor is when kids have to do work for many hours continuously.This is happening all over the world.Kids have to work for hours and hours without fresh air or water.They only get to eat little food,their owners beat them with there sticks and ropes.
A boy named Iqbal masih was in child labor in Lahore,Pakistan.He was forced to work at a carpet factory when he was eight.A the age of twelve he was tired of slavery,so he ran away and fought for the right of child labor, he wanted to end child labor so he joined the BlF, the group fighting for the rights of kids.He made speeches to let people know about child labor.One day when he was coming back from church he was killed by Carpet mafia in 1995.
This is a very shameful practice happening all over the world and people should try to stop it.