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Amelia's Earhart Little Life and Adventure

By Erika R.
Philippines, Age 10

Amelia Earhart is about to take the country by storm, yet again.
In 1928, in the trail of Charles Lindbergh, the fresh-faced Kansas girl was the first woman in history to fly across the Atlantic.
The country went nuts for Amelia. The flying cap, the goggles, the scarf, the smile the irresistible glamor of a fearless feminist flier.
In 1937 she went down over shark-infested waters in the Pacific. Vanished. Now, Hilary Swank and Richard Gere bring the story back to the big screen.People remain fascinated about fate of Amelia Earhart, 61 years after her plane disappeared over Pacific Ocean while she was trying to fly around world; latest trail of detective work, conducted by volunteers from International Group for Historic Aircraft Discovery, based in Delaware, has led to official document in London describing lost collection of weather-beaten bone fragments; bones themselves have vanished but are known to have been found in 1940 by British colonial official visiting Nik...