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Texas Annexation

By Isabel G.
Texas, Age 13

Todays flashing news! Sam Houston elected for second term president for the republic of Texas, and in favor annexation to the U.S. Texans say they honored him for his very fantastic leadership.The Republic of Texas did not allow the Native Americans to be part of the government. Texas wanted to be annexed the U.S, because they were in debt, and also in fear of Mexico. At first the U.S refused to annex Texas because Texas wasn't recognized. Texas was not admitted to the Union for ten years, mainly because of the controversy over slavery. When Texans elected Sam Houstan president, a majority also voted to seek annexation to the United States as soon as possible. The addition of Texas to the United States would allow for U.S western expansion, so most Texans thought the U.S would be eager to accept Texas as a new state. Well, that's all we have for you today! Thank you for reading Sam Houston News! Keep on reading!