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Mexicans Rights

By Jennifer P.
Texas, Age 10

I am a 10yr old girl named Jennifer and i just to make a change for a real good life time.What makes us diferent our skin our languge what is it?Mexicans also are people but everyone treats them like plain old dogs imagine if you were treated like a dog doesn't feel good right? well let me tell you somthing i am a hispanic but i dont let people just treat me like that i stand up for myself.Well Erick Jariro Cruz 23yr old is a mexican and he was in his car imbiza and boom! out of nowhere man toke him and torched him but he escaped the same day 11-08-11 poor man camed injerd with a bullet unknown where in his body but if nobody makes a change its keep on killing people and not just mexicans every one japan,china,Africa, so just because Mexicans don't speak English don't mean they're dogs so Mexicans do have rights.Why won't Americans judge they cant come in america?If the persident wants to be a good president like no other well it dosent matter if our skin color is different if we dont speak the same thats what the school says right?