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Scary Sounds at Midnight

By Bailey M.
North Carolina, Age 10

Two 5th grade girls went on vacation to Topsail Island, NC and got scared to death because of a sound they had never heard before.
It was a cozy, comfy, and warm house but when a siren turned on it got scary for the girls that Labor Day weekend. When they had just finished their ice cream and went to bed.
The two ten year old girls had been there before but the sound was new. It was a very loud siren running just like a firetruck, right next to their beach cottage.
The ringing kept getting louder and louder finally one of the friends said, I hope they dont drive around all night long. The buds looked out of the window and saw that it was really a beach watcher.
The noise went away and the kids calmed down like they had been before the person with the truck had come. Most of the next day all they had talked about was the scary man driving around in his Dodge Ram.