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Why Donovan McNabb should be traded?

By Jake C.
Colorado, Age 15

The title of this post sounds crazy to a lot of people and it may be a huge surprise considering I am one of the biggest Eagles fans you'll meet. Donovan McNabb has given Philadelphia fans many cheers and many woes, he sure hasn't made it easy to be an eagles fan over the past 14 years though that's for certain. Typically I have always been a pro-McNabb kind of guy, it seems year after year his future with the team gets questioned and I always say why? He shouldn't go anywhere he's fine where he's at. Watching the past season though my thoughts on him as a player changed. I noticed that broadcasters and analysts are always giving him dues and praise which I do believe he deserves because he is a great quarterback and has been for a long time. But if you study eagles games such as myself you would notice that a lot of the miscues and mistakes of the team that result to losing is on McNabb.
Donovan has a lot of tendencies on the field that drive me nuts that I don't see ever getting changed.