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Don't be a Litterbug!

By Anisah R.
New York, Age 11

Did you ever litter around your neighborhood? If you did, do you know how much the litter affects our Earth? According to reports, over 5 million new yorkers litter! sources say if we don't stop littering, it could be the end of our planet! According to Katherine Tenezaca there is too much litter around New York city. Not only is the litter bad for the planet, think about the animals!After litter gets on the streets, it goes straight to the ocean, killing thousands and thousands of animals!!! We need to put a stop to littering once and for all. Jennifer Sanango was stunned to know all this litter is around New York city. What will you do to prevent people to stop littering??? Here's a suggestion, don't be a litterbug!!!!!!!!!!!