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The cay

By Sarah A.
Kansas, Age 6

The cay is about a little boy named Phillip and in his town. There is a war going on so they're going to move but their ship blows up and he ends up on a raft with a black man named Timothy. then Phillp becomes blind by hitting his head to hard. After that they see an island and they go to it. And they go through some trials and tribulations with each other. At first Phillip thinks that Timothy is a selfish black man whos really mean and Timothy thinks that Phillip is a white rasicts boy who gets on his nerves. But once he gets to know Timothy he starts to like him and even at one point he wants to be his friend. At the end there comes a storm and it kills Timothy and Phillip gets rescued and returns to his parents and gets a lot of surgery and gets his eye sight back. The book is really great and i hope who ever reads it will get the message: to accept others even if they are different.