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Bush's Enviorment

By Johnny C.
Texas, Age 5

I think that Bush would a better President because He has had a father who was President and a brother who is still the Govenor of Florida. Bush is still the Govenor of Texas. Bush also has a better plan for the futher. I Know that everbody is thinking about the tass test that the third grade but that's to make them smarter, and thats what we want for America. Gore is not a bad person but he is not as wise and just talk's about one thing and that is that he is a family man. Sure your probaly thinking ''Yea thats good though'' but he doesnt talk much about other subjects like Tax'es and enviorment and I forgot, he talks about the hospitals and the way they need tto treat people there. That's why I think Bush is the best guy for the job. THanks for listening.