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Children and Cell Phones: What a Match!

By Jolie B.
Texas, Age 12

Cell phones have become a common possession among children as young as eight, although the average age of children getting their own cell phone is fifteen. Companies have even begun making cell phones specifically for children including the Kajeet, the Firefly, and Disney Mobile.

One thing that parents donít think about is the safety features that most phones (and especially kid phones) have. Most phones have GPS on them so that not only can they tell where their children are, but also how fast theyíre going if they are in a moving vehicle. Also most child phones have parents and police phone numbers on speed dial in case of emergency. 12-year-old Elizabeth H. says ďBy having my cell with me, I can contact my parents and friends. If Iím in an emergency, I can get them to help me.Ē

Parents tend to believe that children should not have cell phones because they are not responsible enough, but thatís not necessarily true. When a child gets a cell phone, theyíre proud of it, and want to keep it in prime condition. ďIt isnít exactly cheap. You canít loose it. You need to keep it charged to use it which is your responsibility.

So parents, why get your child a cell phone? Because, they are safe and fun!!!