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Cyber Bullying

By Jordon, Luke, and Serena M.
Texas, Age 12

A lot of people are being cyber bullied today. People of all ages can be cyber bullied. Most of the time it happens on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It mostly happens to teenagers but it can also happen to little kids because now they are signing up for these social networking sites.

How Kids are Cyber Bullied

People can cyber bully by pretending that they are someone else in order to hurt the victim. They can also spread lies and rumors about the victim online. Sometimes they trick people into giving out their personal information and post pictures of the victim without their permission. Cyber bullying can affect people and hurt their feelings because some people are very sensitive and take things to heart. Others take it out on other people because they get mad.

How Victims React

To prevent the cyber bully from hurting the victimís feelings, they ignore the message that was sent and delete the message without reading it. They also like to talk to a family member or a close friend about the situation. Sometimes they report the problem to an Internet service provider. Lots of people believe in revenge and try to get revenge on the bully. Some people get so mad or sad that they commit suicide.

What You Can Do To Prevent Cyber Bullying

You should never share or post any personal information online because that can lead to cyber bullying. Sharing your password with others isnít a good idea either because they can go on your profile and change some of your settings and give out your personal information. Also, you can block communication with the cyber bully. You can block the user that is cyber bullying you. To help with the situation, you can tell an adult about it and maybe they can take some action.

Cyber bullying can be stopped. All people have to do is speak up and speak their minds. All they have to do is block communication with the cyber bully and they will be alright. Little kids under the age of 10 should stop signing up for social networking sites because they can get seriously hurt online. They donít know how much they can get hurt by putting their personal information out. Cyber bullying should be stopped, or it could lead to even more hurt feelings.