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By Anthony C.
New York, Age 11

Smash!!!!!!!! there it goes out to right field. HOME RUN!!!! there goes the sultan of swat's 700th home run ball. July 13 1935 was one of the greatest days in MLB history. Thats only one of the biggest plays in the yankees history. Here's another big play. Mickey mantle was one of the best players ever. In 1963 on May22 he hit his way into the Guinness book of world records when he hit the longest home run in MLB history. That home run was hit 734ft!!!!!!! Roger Maris became one of the bests when he hit the magical number 61. Now there is Barrie Bonds who broke the magical number 61 and made it 73. There are the new comers like A-Rod. A-Rod is going to be one of the greats.